martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

SYNOPSIS BB is a pirate, 20 years ago her ship sank and since then she has lived on Pirate island. She lives alone and has everything exactly the way she likes it. One night there is a big storm and two new people arrive on Pirate Island. Their names are Max and Mini. Max and Mini, live, eat, sleep and talk very differently to BB. She is not happy, she doesn t want to share her island. She doesn t like difference and she doesn t like change. The three of them start fighting over the space, food and the way things should be done. They find it very difficult to live together. One day a message in a bottle arrives on the Island. It is from the Mango tribe, who live on the island next door. King Mango is expecting a party on Pirate Island. BB, Mini and Max are in danger, if the party isn t good King Mango is going to be VERY angry. Suddenly BB, Max and Mini have to work together?

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